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Binary Shift: Regional Innovation & Startups Conference, was created to showcase regional entrepreneurs, help build community around innovation and technology in regional areas, and connect regional business owners to national and global thought leaders in innovation and entrepreneurship.  Growing regional tech, innovation and startup communities is vital to creating regional jobs.

Held over two days in Sale Victoria, the day was kicked off by our founder Marita Cheng, delivering an inspiring speech about our Aubot robots and increasing women’s participation in STEM.

This was followed by the opportunity for members of the public to maneuver Teleport around the room.  It was fun to engage people in regional communities around the possibilities of remote work via telepresence robot! Thank you for having us, Binary Shift! We enjoyed being part of your proud regional community!


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As part of Melbourne Knowledge Week 2019, Aubot showcased Teleport at the Victorian AI and Robotics Showcase. This expo teaches how artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics impacts our lives through demonstrations of cutting-edge, innovative technologies being created around Melbourne. Some of the other organisations presenting were the University of Melbourne, inGeniousAI, the Biometric Mirror, Robogals, Deakin Genie, and ThingC.

At our booth, kids had the opportunity to drive around the Teleport and ask questions about robotics. We also talked about how a device like Teleport has many different use case settings such as office spaces, schools, hospitals, homes, and museums. We had a great time inspiring the future generation about the infinite possibilities in technology!


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Aubot attended Tech Inclusion Melbourne’s 2nd annual event. Tech Inclusion aims to highlight diversity and inclusion in tech industries. This year’s theme was “Voices of Innovation” featuring diverse, underrepresented voices for keynotes, panel discussions, solo talks, and interactive sessions throughout the day.

We learned how diverse teams can improve productivity and how to be an ally to support underrepresented groups in the tech industry. We also showed off Teleport, which enables users to maintain an office presence from anywhere to adapt to illness, injury, travel, or ability. Many thanks to the Tech Inclusion staff for providing such an amazing learning opportunity for Aubot!

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Last year, the Transport Accidents Commission (TAC) offered a grant to companies that could assist people with a disability in their everyday lives. Here at Aubot, we thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to allow for people with a disability to control our robots, regardless of their ability.  Over the past few months, the team at Aubot’s Melbourne office conducted trials, offering the opportunity for those both with and without disabilities to pilot the Teleport through a variety of control interface devices, such as chin control, joystick control, and head-tracking with a puff switch.  These devices would allow for those with limited mobility and dexterity, and those who would not be able to comfortably control the Teleport using the conventional keyboard controls, to use the Teleport to explore the world around them.

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“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.”

Michelle Obama

In a modern society, it can be difficult for young women to find role models within male dominated industries. Between the 6th and 7th of March, Aubot had the pleasure of attending events celebrating International Womens Day hosted by Business Chicks and Cisco Live! respectively. Our founder, Marita Cheng delivered inspiring speeches detailing her journey as a female engineer and the difficulties faced by women in male dominated industries. As an audience, it was incredibly motivating to see so many women overcome adversity and excel within their field. We believe that such events are a great step forward to encouraging more intelligent young women to have the confidence to pursue their desired careers.

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In the first weekend of March, Aubot was an exhibitor at Scienceworks’ Robotica: Festival of Futurism event. The event showcased a number of companies and organisations who are driving significant innovations in Australia’s robotics industry. The festival was highly successful in attracting a large number of families and young people, with many taking our Teleport Dave for a test drive! As a team, it was greatly rewarding to witness so many children become enthusiastic about the robotics industry, it is our hope that these young minds become future innovators and robot makers!

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On a cloudy Friday morning in February, Dave (a Teleport robot) and Ben (not a robot) rolled out of the Aubot office in Richmond, and made their way out away from downtown Melbourne to the Drum Theatre in the charming suburb of Dandenong.  It was here that Marita Cheng, the founder and CEO of Aubot was going to be giving a speech to a group of year twelve students.  However Marita was not going to be in the building, or even the country. Rather she was sitting in her office across the Pacific in San Francisco, enjoying a wonderfully chilly American Winter.  This is where Dave came to the rescue.

Being a Teleport, Dave went up on stage, and allowed Marita to have a presence there, under her own control, lending to the presentation a level of naturality and authenticity.  The gasps and laughter that came from the crowd when Marita turned the Teleport [Dave] around after her introduction was enough to show the level of excitement these students felt about a robot assisting in the presentation.

The Teleport ready for action in Dandenong

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Land in the Bay: The Australian entrepreneur’s guide to the San Francisco Bay Area

For the last part of 2018, we were invited by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission, (or Austrade), to go to San Francisco and expand our business to the United States of America.

It has been an amazing experience, meeting other Australian companies who are at a similar growth stage and learning about how companies in the USA think about business.

We are grateful to the Austrade for the opportunity and are excited by our future USA plans.

Duke and Duchess of Sussex

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We weren’t allowed to take photographs of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and we aren’t allowed to show the official photographs that were taken when they were speaking with us.

So here’s a photo we took before with Sarah and some aubot robot prototypes!

I wasn’t in Melbourne that day, so I appeared via Teleport robot!

It was a really fun day to show the Duke and Duchess of Sussex our robot accomplishments as well as new projects in the pipeline!

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